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When an IT solution is well designed, the solution becomes an investment because it pays for itself and provides the organization with a significant gain of efficiency. Therefore, it promotes productivity and achieving the expected level of reliability. Today, IT has become a critical issue that greatly influences the success of all organizations.

With this in mind, NeoSynergix has developed extensive expertise in IT consulting services for SMEs and large enterprises. Respecting their goals, we help organizations make the best technology choices at the lowest possible cost, particularly in the development of web mobile applications, or legacy applications.

NeoSynergix can also offer technical services as an added value to its customers in order to implement and maintain the necessary equipment to support software solutions.

Products of superior quality


Customizable software for your inspections, compliance audits and electronic forms

  • Accelerate your processes
  • Greatly reduces the risk of forgetting
  • Simplifies your work
  • Evolves according to your needs
  • Gathers all your inspection data

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In operation in Quebec for more than 15 years, Agri-Loan is a specialized software of advance payments campaigns management, in connection with a federal program (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) governed by the Agricultural Marketing Programs Act. 

This program is aimed at organizations managing campaigns and aims to promote orderly marketing of products for eligible producers, by guaranteeing reimbursement of advances granted to them.

Agri-Loan is a reliable, fully customizable, scalable and collaborative solution. 

The main benefits :

  • Fast and proven advances treatments
  • Secure bank transfers
  • Interface with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Advanced technologies

Software features summary

  • Data synchronization with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Electronic bank transfers of advance and repayment
  • Eligibility and contracts management
  • Companies and shareholders management
  • Preliminary and eligible advance management
  • Conversion management during production
  • Reimbursements management
  • Penalties and interest rates management
  • Account statements


  • Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Software based on Microsoft.Net
  • Links to different accounting systems or other third-party systems
  • For more security, the solution Agri-Loan solution is fully installed at customer site
  • Optional:  Agri-Loan can be integrated with Agri-Member

T3 - Tic Tac Tracking

Time management software

  • Keeps track of the time worked throughout your organization
  • Allows monitoring by resource, project and custome
  • Simple and fast tracking of the progress of tasks and activities
  • Facilitates accountability