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09 April 2015

NeoSynergix nominated as a finalist for the ESTim 2015 contest!

NeoSynergix is proud to announce its nomination as finalist for the ESTIM 2015 contest. The winner will be announced at the ceremony on May 7th.


17 July 2014

Do you comply with Bill C-28 (anti-spam legislation)?

Bill C-28, what is it?
The new law that came into effect in Canada on July 1, 2014 states that it is forbidden to send a commercial electronic message unless there is express or implied consent from the recipient.

What are the different types of consent?
Express consent means that the recipient has given you consent to receiving electronic communications from you. The person may consent orally, electronically or in writing. In the case of a verbal acceptance, it is recommended to have a recording support. In the case of written evidence (paper), you must preserve evidence and be able to provide it upon request.


01 May 2014

There are two important issues in a business: Consolidated Timesheets and Billing...

Service companies must effectively manage resource’s timesheets and adequately reconcile this information with their accounting system. It is a question of credibility and consistency. Depending on the different accounting process, it can become a very tedious job that may simply make you lose too much time!



22 April 2014


A few days after the discovery of what is potentially the most important vulnerability of the digital age, it is appropriate to make a quick review of the situation.


07 August 2013

Recruitment in the age of 2.0

In the past few years, the web has been playing an increasingly important role in areas that were usually reserved typically for human interaction, or at least for the print media. Dating sites to find love online, classified ads to dispose of old furniture and recruitment sites to find a new job.