There are two important issues in a business: Consolidated Timesheets and Billing...

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01 May 2014

There are two important issues in a business: Consolidated Timesheets and Billing...

Service companies must effectively manage resource’s timesheets and adequately reconcile this information with their accounting system. It is a question of credibility and consistency. Depending on the different accounting process, it can become a very tedious job that may simply make you lose too much time!


At NéoSynergix, we have designed a solution that we ourselves have used for several years. At the base we have incorporated one very important rule: entering timesheet information should not waste a person’s time!

To achieve this important principle, it was necessary to let our imaginations find productive solutions. Obviously, we did find a very interesting solution, very fast and without wasting time!

This solution for timesheet management we call "Tic Tac Tracking" or "T3" for shortJ. It helps us effectively manage our time sheets while reconciling invoices, and also payroll!  At any time, with one click and little criteria selection a summary of time for each client, project, activity, ticket, employee, etc… can rapidly be obtained. The reports can be exported to PDF or Excel and it is possible to directly access the SQL database if you have external systems that you would like to interface with T3. What could be better!

Another very interesting fact: T3 was not designed for our exclusive use. In fact, it is an application that is priced very affordably. SMEs and large service companies can use and enjoy the benefits that this solution provides.

In addition, we can customize the T3 solution by incorporating more specific features to suit your needs! So there is no limit in what T3 can do for your business!

As a result of its low price, T3 is a tool that without a doubt, can be very profitable and productive for all service companies.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact me directly. It will be my pleasure to assist you.


Michel Corbin


NéoSynergix inc.

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