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01 May 2014

There are two important issues in a business: Consolidated Timesheets and Billing...

Service companies must effectively manage resource’s timesheets and adequately reconcile this information with their accounting system. It is a question of credibility and consistency. Depending on the different accounting process, it can become a very tedious job that may simply make you lose too much time!



01 October 2012

Mobile devices: to acquire a dedicated application or a "web-mobile" application?

In the past few years, mobile devices, including tablet computers, the iPad or the iPhone, have become increasingly important in the market. Think of the iPad that was introduced at home and even in small and large firms.


28 June 2012

Are you getting a great R.O.I with your "CRM"?

Success in business depends first and foremost on the quality of the relationship we entertain with our business network. It is useless to be the best or the cheapest if a member of your business network has a bad perception of you. You may lose opportunities or significantly restrict the growth of your business.


28 May 2012

Improvisation in information technologies has limits, and consequences

Today's business, regardless of the domain, uses different software applications to process computer data about daily activities. It is therefore essential that the company has confidence in its software applications, as well as the computer equipment which support them. On the other hand, human ressources often encourage creativity, initiative and improvisation in the IT domain, but consequences must be observed closely.


03 May 2012

Do you think you are the sole owner of your website?

The website has become essential in business, yet it needs to be well managed, scalable and constantly kept up to date so that it remains attractive to visitors and consumers. The Web also bacame an important source of strategic information that has a direct impact on the success of business people. A business without a website has most likely no future and in this sense, I certainly do not teach you much.

However, many business owners do not know they do not have all the rights, including intellectual property on their main marketing strategy: their own website!