Are you getting a great R.O.I with your "CRM"?

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28 Jun 2012

Are you getting a great R.O.I with your "CRM"?

Success in business depends first and foremost on the quality of the relationship we entertain with our business network. It is useless to be the best or the cheapest if a member of your business network has a bad perception of you. You may lose opportunities or significantly restrict the growth of your business.

Some organizations have understood the importance of effectively managing their relationships with customers, prospects, partners, suppliers, etc... However, the way to do it is very different from one organization to another. The results in the short, medium or long term match, most of the time, with the strategy used.

Customers or prospects often evolve as fast as the technology. When an organization is growing, it needs to adapt. Taking the time to know our business relations makes it easier to plan and organize strategic activities with the right people at the right times. This helps to maintain the quality of your relationships and ensure, at the same time, to be on the lookout for opportunities.

What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

Proper management of customer relationships should often go through an application that will help you effectively manage your business relationships. Although it says "customer" it includes the management of business relationships with all persons who will have an impact in the growth of your business, including suppliers, partners, prospects, members of organization, etc... The goal is not only to keep in touch regularly with your relations, but also to have in hand all the information needed for business opportunities. For example, a specialized CRM application should contain information such as the client's interests, passions, favorite activities, up-to-date financial information, social status, personal and business contact information and activities to come. When the time comes to target a group of customers or prospects to make a strategic activity, this crucial information will greatly facilitate the selection of guests.

If you have a great number of clients and you do not use specialized application to manage your business relationships, commonly known by acronym "CRM" (Customer Relationship Management),you could lose those relationships and substantially slow down the growth of your organization. Ultimately, this will surely be less profitable.

A good CRM application will also include a system to remind you of activities, sometimes even directly connected to your calendar and automatically synchronized between your smart mobile device and your computer. This greatly facilitates the management and provides you with the monitoring to avoid oversights and redundancy of information processing. With today's technologies, we cannot be competitive without such an application. On the market, just do a simple search with the keywords “Customer Relationship Management” and you will find a multitude of applications to help you better manage this strategic database for your business. Over time, it will be worth gold for your business.

However, for a good number of companies, having a custom solution developed will enable them to have a tool that will meet more specific needs. Especially when it comes to interfacing data with other databases or other applications that are already in place. For example, a company may need to create links between information data in the accounting system, transactions made through the website or other applications already in place. These other applications may also, in turn, automatically feed the CRM.

In connection with expectations and the mission of your organization, NeoSynergix can help you in the analysis, development and integration of effective solutions for CRM applications. The solutions we propose will benefit your various IT processes related to administrative and operational activities. If you wonder what can be done, call us and we will help you make the right decisions for your business.