Mobile devices: to acquire a dedicated application or a "web-mobile" application?

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01 Oct 2012

Mobile devices: to acquire a dedicated application or a "web-mobile" application?

In the past few years, mobile devices, including tablet computers, the iPad or the iPhone, have become increasingly important in the market. Think of the iPad that was introduced at home and even in small and large firms.

In business, these small portable devices are equipped with a range of applications, one as interesting as the other. We realize that these small devices contribute to the productivity and efficiency of our operations in a multitude of areas.

For example, tablet computers help auditors (or inspectors) perform their work on construction sites, while having their software and electronic records in hand, wherever they are. They often synchronize their data with a remote server in real time on the internet, enabling the central office to obtain information and conduct different operations while the auditor continues its work.

The quality control of information is part of the key to success. The data entered on the mobile device’s application is usually filtered by the application to avoid human mistakes. Tablet computers can suit almost all people worldwide. Whether to take advantage of an application that is procured on iTunes or elsewhere, it is clear that there is a great effervescence of exciting opportunities, or just fun, that will satisfy all or part of the consumer needs.

Despite the thousands of applications available on the consumer market, there will always be companies that innovate and need a custom application designed for mobile devices. These applications are often "dedicated" to specific mobile devices to meet specific needs. We therefore find that programmers would be able to create applications of all kinds, depending on the type of mobile device. However, we know that programming technologies dedicated to mobile devices are very limited and they are not very scalable in terms of functionality. In addition, it creates a strong dependence to these devices. If it undergoes a major change or if you need to change the type of device you use, it is highly likely that your dedicated application will no longer be functional It is clear that we can do wonderful things with these devices, but are we blinded by their magnificence to the point of having difficulty seeing other options for application development that can be more interesting?

Faced with this growing phenomenon of demand for custom programming of applications suitable for mobile devices, there is indeed another way to develop applications that will not only meet the need , but will cost less to develop and will be much more adaptable in the future or even compatible with most mobile devices, without much extra effort. It is indeed possible to develop applications using Web technologies, while adapting the features and display for mobile devices. more and more websites adapt to mobile devices, and there is an increasing number of people using them. In addition to savings on custom development, you can get all the flexibility to expand the functionality you need, with much less limitations. Reflection is therefore important to do.

So before moving forward with any solution, think about it! Obviously, we're here to help you to get to know all the alternatives that will be to your advantage. Do not hesitate to contact us!