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10 April 2012

Software quality = budget + time + needs

It is possible to design a software without error, until we find one ... Software confront the hardships of different human behaviors and different technologies rapidly evolving.

From the smallest to the largest software development company in the world, when you install a new program, an upgrade is performed sooner or later in order to apply patches. "Total perfection" the first time has a price.


12 March 2012

Productivity and information technologies: critical issues.

Only a few decades ago, it was hard to imagine that the computer would actually exist and take up as much importance in our lives. This dependence evolved so much that it is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine what we would do today without our computers and software.


10 January 2012

Néosynergix has a new certification

NeoSynergix starts the New Year by obtaining its new certification in software development. It is the Microsoft Silver Partner certification reflecting the recognition from Microsoft for our expertise in software development.

This certification is earned by the sum of specific experiences and skills of each employee of the organization who made the efforts necessary to pass the exams of recognition from Microsoft.


06 October 2011

Launch of nspek website

Since yesterday at 5pm, NeoSynergix launched a new website for its new product nSpek, a customizable software to make inspections or compliance audits. Visit and learn what this software can do. We organize small lunches at our offices to introduce you to the features of this product. We can also meet you at your office. Call or email us to make an appointment!

23 August 2011

Néosynergix wins request for proposal of Hydro Quebec

We are very pleased to count among our clients Hydro Quebec. Indeed, NeoSynergix won a major tender and signed a service agreement 3 years to provide robust tablet computers of Motion brand throughout its network.

We thank Hydro Quebec for the confidence it grants us.